Venice Beach Residence

Front facade using S-9 stainless steel wire mesh

Products Used

  • 00 - Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Façade, Sunscreens
Building Type: 
  • Private Residence
S-9 - Architectural Woven Wire Mesh
Venice BeachCaliforniaUnited States
Project Details:

Venice Beach Residence

This residence is intended to create a strong contrast between the prominent industrial urban architecture in Los Angeles and the beautiful landscapes seen throughout Southern California. To achieve this goal, Banker Wire S-9 stainless steel woven wire mesh was used on the facade of the house which acts as a pristine lacy backdrop to the entry garden. This screen glimmers in the light and adds tremendous value to the ephemeral qualities of the unique plants surrounding it; this experience sets the mood for visitors as they move into the spaces beyond the entry. The screen also provides significant shading for the Southwest facade and privacy for the heavily trafficked level 02 hallway which contains a window behind the screen.

Additional Images: 
Banker Wire's S-9 woven wire mesh pattern sparkles in the sunlight adding a unique aesthetic to the house.
The S-9 wire mesh screen provides significant shading for the Southwest facade.
The woven wire mesh acts as a lacy backdrop to the entry garden.
The heavily trafficked second level is given privacy by the pre-crimped woven wire mesh screen that seclude a large window behind it.
The ephemeral quality of the distinct plants in the entry garden beautifully frame the S-9 wire mesh screen.
The transparency of the wire mesh lends itself well to the architecture of the house.

Project Team

Project Architect: 
m_Royce Architecture