Valley River Inn

Products Used

  • 01 - Plain Steel Wire Mesh
Secondary Finish: 
  • Bright Copper Plated
  • Interior Railings and Stairways
Building Type: 
  • Hospitality
M22-43 - Architectural Woven Wire Mesh , S-12 - Architectural Woven Wire Mesh
EugeneOregonUnited States
Project Details:

Valley River Inn

Looking for a "Big bang for the buck" the interior design team from Ankrom Mosian Architects reached out to Banker Wire for a simple solution. They wanted to dress up the interior space of the Valley River Inn located in Eugene, Oregon but were on a tight budget. Rather than replace the entire railing, they opted for dressing it up with woven wire mesh jewelry.

Individual pieces of M22-43 and S-12 woven wire mesh were manufactured and the edges were "Flow" welded to create a rounded soft edge. Each pieces was sent out to be plated in a bright copper finish. The splash of color and mixture of texture adds visual interest to the space.

Additional Images: 
Metal mesh accents "dress up" this interior railing.
Copper plating makes this metal mesh "pop."

Project Team

Project Designer: 
Ankrom Moisan Architects
Project Fabricator: 
Banker Wire