The Studio - London

L-3 and L-80 wire mesh layered to create an old industrial look.

Products Used

  • 07 - Brass Wire Mesh
Secondary Finish: 
  • Black Copper Plated
  • Enclosure, Restoration
Building Type: 
  • Office
L-3 - Industrial Woven Wire Mesh Lock Crimp, L-80 - Industrial Woven Wire Mesh Lock Crimp
London, United Kingdom
Project Details:

The Studio - London

The Studio is a former Victorian depository that was revitalized to become an open plan office with a beautiful street frontage. The building has been reconfigured with a new entrance befitting its scale and location with office accommodations above. The redesign compliments and utilizes the building original industrial features such as brick walls, concrete soffits, and exposed cast iron supports. A refurbished platform lift is the prominent feature in the reception area.

The lift is enclosed in two layers of Banker Wire’s lock crimp wire mesh patterns. First is a fine woven brass wire mesh, L-3. This pattern is layered behind a larger opening mesh of a similar design. L-80, another lock crimp pattern, is plated in black copper and sits over the L-3 brass pattern creating an interesting texture. Combined, the two patterns evoke the industrial aesthetic and the era that the architect was capturing in their design.

Additional Images: 
The lift, using brass wire mesh, looks striking through the windows as pedestrians pass by.
The decorative brass wire mesh is as beautiful as it is functional in this lift.
The lift and the surrounding elements of the building create a very industrial look to the space.
Viewing the refurbished lift using Banker Wire decorative wire mesh from the outside.
Brass and black copper plated woven wire mesh lends an industrial feel to the lift.
Two layered lock crimp wire mesh patterns evoke the industrial aesthetic of the Victorian era.
Large Black Copper plated L-80 overlays fine L-3 to create an antique look.
The layered L-80 and L-3 wire mesh patterns looks stunning against the clean lines of the lift.

Project Team

Project Architect: 
Squire and Partners
Project Fabricator: 
Excel Architectural Engineering
Project Photographer: 
Hufton + Crow and James Jones