Sea-Tac Security Checkpoint

LZ-55 wire mesh in tension system

Products Used

  • 00 - Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Partition
Building Type: 
  • Airport, Transportation
Mounting System Used: 
Mounting System Used: 
  • Tension System
LZ-55 - Architectural Woven Wire Mesh Lock Crimp
SeattleWashingtonUnited States
Project Details:

Sea-Tac Security Checkpoint

Banker Wire was presented with a challenge to develop a wire mesh and mounting system that could span a very large area while providing security within checkpoint 5 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  A desire for the wire mesh to be nearly invisible was an additional part of the challange.  Bulky frames were not going to be acceptable in this space.  

Banker Wire dusted off an old mounting system concept known as the "Capture" system which allows for the mesh to be tensioned with minimal hardware to achieve stiffness.  This unique mounting system approach to wire mesh tensioning "Captures" the wire crimps of the mesh between two laser cut plates, essentially locking the wires into a clean, non welded, straight condition.  From here, the installation crew can attach to mounting holes through the plates to take up the tension.  

For this installation, the stainless steel LZ-55 with its very high percent open area is doing its job while being barely noticeable.  The Capture system harware was powder coated a matte black to match the the other mounting surfaces.

Sea-Tac Airport Security mesh collage
Additional Images: 
Installation of the LZ-55 wire mesh panels
Laser cut Capture System
Wire mesh panels being installed

Project Team

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Banker Wire