Pizzeria Campanile

M22-28 wire mesh light fixtures

Products Used

  • 00 - Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Secondary Finish: 
  • Vapor Deposition
  • Enclosure, Lighting, Space Divider
Building Type: 
  • Restaurant
M22-28 - Architectural Woven Wire Mesh
Funabachi, ChibaJapan
Project Details:

Pizzeria Campanile

Utilized as both a decorative and functional feature throughout a local pizzeria in Japan, Banker Wire’s square pattern M22-28 mesh was specified in the restaurant’s custom lighting fixtures and the perimeter of a u-shaped floating shelving unit, which does double duty as a space for storage and an attractive centerpiece of the restaurant. The stainless steel mesh is crimped to create a multi-faceted surface that reflects and disperses light in a visually intriguing manner, while a sophisticated twin-wire pattern adds a luxurious element through a glossy PVD copper finish.

M22-28 wire mesh light fixture and cabinet collage
Additional Images: 
M22-28 wire mesh light fixtures
Overhead shelving surrounded by decorative M22-28 woven wire mesh
Wire mesh light fixture detail
PVD Copper coating over stainless wire mesh
Three wire mesh light fixtures