IBI Group

Products Used

  • 00 - Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Wall Cladding
Building Type: 
  • Corporate, Office
S-18 - Architectural Woven Wire Mesh
Project Details:

IBI Group

We wanted to create an interesting gallery area that reflected our expertise. The beauty and richness of the woven wire mesh allowed us to design an impressive element. The scale of the mesh is significant and the fine detail is clean and simple. From a distance, the wire mesh walls look substantial and the stainless steel makes them look rich," said Corry Bent, Senior Interior Designer of IBI Group. "Banker Wire was selected because of the beauty and richness of the woven wire mesh. Everyone that sees the installation always touches and comments on them.

IBI Group, Canada's largest integrated architectural and engineering firm and the fourth largest in the world, fell in love with the detail and quality of architectural wire mesh while working on a project for one of its clients. So, it was no surprise it used Banker Wire’s architectural mesh when it renovated its new office space in Edmonton, Alberta. The company worked with Banker Wire to design a workspace that conveys a sense of their architectural expertise while inspiring creativity.

The walls in the renovated office’s gallery and technology boardroom were clad with the architectural wire mesh, creating an ambiance that inspires creativity. IBI Group wanted the cladding to have soft-looking edges that seem to wrap around rectangular forms. Banker Wire’s precision weaving met the demands of IBI Group’s very specific design vision. They formed mesh wall tiles, folding the mesh over along each of the tiles’ sides to achieve the understated edges that IBI Group requested. Banker Wire's S-18 architectural woven wire mesh was chosen for this project because of its low percent open area that added a refined reflective quality.

IBI Group also asked Banker Wire for a system that held the mesh away from the wall with no visible means of connection. Ready and willing to oblige, Banker Wire designed a custom attachment system for the cladding, creating hidden brackets that remain imperceptible from the front. Supported by the invisible brackets in each tile’s four corners, the mesh cladding brings texture and visual depth to the space – without a bulky attachment mechanism.

Additional Images: 
Banker Wire wove stainless steel flat wire into its S-18 pattern.
The S-18 pattern reflects color and light, bringing warmth to this office space.

Project Team

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IBI Group