Big Sky Residence, Montana

Products Used

  • 00 - Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Cabinetry, Panels
Building Type: 
  • Residential
S-15 - Architectural Woven Wire Mesh
Big SkyMontanaUnited States
Project Details:

Big Sky Residence, Montana

Banker Wire was used in this premier ski home to enhance the striking modern interiors in their play against a more traditional timber and stone environment. The owner's lifestyle and tastes readily harmonize with the strength, craftsmanship, and sparkle of the wire fabric panels. Whether during the day when it evokes the pristine and crystalline snow and ice, or at night when the warm glow of the soft ambient lighting dances on the texture of the weave, the sophisticated refinement of the home is pronounced with the Banker Wire panels." -Carl Erickson Associates

Banker Wire had the great pleasure of fabricating custom wire mesh panels for this beautiful Montana home.  The S-15 stainless steel woven wire mesh was cut on a 45 degree angle to achieve a diamond orientation. The diamond mesh was then framed with 1/8" stainless steel flat bar to allow the frame to reveal itself once the cabinet maker installed the mesh panel into the door openings.

The S-15 product is a flat wire intercrimp wire mesh pattern that really grabs light and reflects it in a most beautiful and unique way to create a major impact.  Inspired by a turn of the century home restoration project that we did where this sort of mesh was commonly used as radiant water heater grilles, the S-15 wire mesh is now classic in both the old and modern design spaces.  Alternative spacing and pattern options are possible.

Additional Images: 
Banker Wire fabricated diamond-shaped mesh for this Montana home.
Carl Erickson Associates used Banker Wire mesh to highlight the interior elements of this home.
Banker Wire mesh evokes strength, craftsmanship and sparkle.
 The S-15 stainless steel woven wire mesh was cut on a 45 degree angle to achieve a diamond orientation.
Banker Wire mesh perfectly compliments the other interior elements in this home.

Project Team

Project Designer: 
Erickson Associates
Project Fabricator: 
Continental Construction