Bedrosians Tile & Stone

Products Used

  • 01 - Plain Steel Wire Mesh
Secondary Finish: 
  • Powder Coat
  • Display, Wall Panels
Building Type: 
  • Retail
Mounting System Used: 
Mounting System Used: 
  • Angle Iron
M13Z-357 - Architectural Woven Wire Mesh
ScottsdaleArizonaUnited States
Project Details:

Bedrosians Tile & Stone

When we told other mesh manufacturers our vision, they dismissed us. Banker Wire was committed to achieving our design through complete customization," says Crystal Whalen, Design and Marketing Associate at Bedrosians. "Banker Wire was very responsive through every step of the process, providing us with drawings as our design developed. They were easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable," says Whalen.

One of the nation's largest independent ceramic tile and stone distributors selected Banker Wire mesh for product displays in their Scottsdale, Arizona store. Bedrosians Tile and Stone plans to use the space as a design model for other stores around the country.

As part of their store redesign, Bedrosians sought product displays to differentiate their stores from others in the industry. They specifically wanted an alternative to the slatwall systems that tile and stone distributors often use to display samples. When they came across a box of Banker Wire samples obtained during a previous project, the designers at Bedrosians Tile and Stone were inspired to use woven wire mesh as a unique platform for their merchandise.

Banker Wire was so determined to meet Bedrosians Tile and Stone’s needs that they manufactured brand new tooling for the project and created a completely custom wire mesh pattern, the architectural wire mesh now known as M13Z-357. The unique pattern consists of long, straight horizontal wires, woven together with tight groupings of three vertically oriented wires. The weave is perfectly spaced to showcase Bedrosians' display boards and offers aesthetic appeal even when not covered by merchandise. Banker Wire also engineered a custom frame system that easily attaches the displays directly to the wall.

The Bedrosians Tile and Stone store in Scottsdale, Arizona was completed in November 2013. Bedrosians Tile and Stone plans to next use the Banker Wire displays in their Santa Rosa, California store.

Additional Images: 
The woven wire mesh used to display the tiles here was completely custom.
The woven wire mesh used to display the tiles here was completely custom.
Banker Wire manufactured custom tooling for the display at Bedrosians Tile and Stone.

Project Team

Project Designer: 
Bedrosians Tile & Stone
Project Fabricator: 
Banker Wire