Apropoe's at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Products Used

  • 03 - Pre-Galvanized Wire Mesh
Secondary Finish: 
  • Powder Coat
  • Ceiling, Partition, Space Divider
Building Type: 
  • Hospitality, Restaurant
Mounting System Used: 
Mounting System Used: 
  • U-Edge
M44-2 - Architectural Woven Wire Mesh
BaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Project Details:

Apropoe's at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

The architect and designer had an ambitious vision – and the Banker Wire mesh allowed them to achieve their vision and meet the requirements of the space," says Tad Brooks, of Interwood Enterprises, Inc., a subcontractor at Apropoe's. “The project went very smoothly, thanks to Banker Wire’s responsiveness,” continues Brooks. “They were a key resource for us throughout the design and fabrication process. Banker Wire provides excellent value.

Apropoe’s, the restaurant inside Baltimore’s Marriott Waterfront, gives hotel guests and Baltimore residents a place to work and relax. Its contemporary design combines dining, lounge, meeting and bar areas in one great room-style space, divided into semi-private sections by Banker Wire mesh “pavilions,” perfect for more private meetings and gatherings.

Each pavilion houses its own seating space and table, creating a sense of intimacy within the large room. The M44-2 metal mesh features groups of four wires that intersect in a plaid-like pattern, creating contemporary, highly defined partitions that match the restaurant's sophisticated yet comfortable ambiance. Because the M44-2 metal offers a 77.4 percent open area, the pavilions align with the open design plan and meet the building’s fire-safety requirements.

Banker Wire U-Edge frame provides the structure for the architectural woven wire mesh partitions and canopies at Apropoe’s. The plain steel woven wire mesh and U-Edge frame were coated in a coffee-colored patina prior to installation. The color coating and the M44-2 weave evoke cane or bamboo and play off a decorative cabana and other wooden design elements throughout the restaurant space. Experts at Banker Wire guided the design-build team through the powder-coating process to ensure that the finished product met their expectations.

The frame has a finished look, as well as the strength required to create the large pavilions. Its uniform, defined edges maintain a sleek aesthetic that matches Apropoe’s refined design.

Additional Images: 
Banker Wire  mesh"pavilions" divide this restaurant space.
The plain steel woven wire mesh and U-edge frame were coated in a coffee-colored patina prior to their installation.

Project Team

Project Designer: 
EDG in San Rafael, CA
Project Fabricator: 
Interwood Enterprises