2010 ASA Decorators' Show House

Products Used

  • 00 - Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Windows
Building Type: 
  • Residential
SZ-2 - Architectural Woven Wire Mesh
AtlantaGeorgiaUnited States
Project Details:

2010 ASA Decorators' Show House

Artist and Interior Design, Raymond Goins, made his show house debut with the 2010 Atlanta Symphony Association (ASA) Decorators' Show House in Atlanta. The show house bathroom featured his own "Horse" painting as well as an unexpected color palette with finishes not typically seen in Southern interiors.

An integral part of the bathroom was the custom stainless steel window shutter using Banker Wire's SZ-2 woven wire mesh. The unique window shutter allows light to filter through the shaped wire to set the mood of the room, but while still providing privacy for the bather.

This project used: Wire Mesh Pattern: SZ-2. This mesh pattern alternates a satin with shine finish, showcasing the strength and consistency of the Banker Wire designed heavy duty crimpers. This unique weave has a compressed appearance that works equally well as the focus of your design or as a background element. Very strong, and extremely dense but not opaque, this weave pattern is often chosen for railing infill panels, cladding, screen walls, canopies, and other similar uses. This project also uses Banker Wire's stainless steel, which can be used for both architectural and industrial applications. The vast number of specific types and grades of stainless steel offered at Banker Wire, can be manufactured as wire mesh to improve performance in corrosion resistance, formability, and aesthetics.

Additional Images: 
The unique window shutter allows light to filter through the shaped Banker Wire wire mesh to set the mood of the room.
The dense, but not opaque, SZ-2 Banker Wire mesh provided the perfected light filtration for this bathroom.

Project Team

Project Designer: 
Raymond Goins